Inspections and Testing

We provide routine servicing of fire protection systems & equipment to AS 1851. Our priority is to ensure compliance and maintain serviceability keeping your fire assets operational and your mind at ease.

Our routine servicing and testing include:

Fire detection and alarm systems
Fire pumps and engines
Fire hydrant systems
Fire Sprinkler Systems
Special hazard systems
Fire water storage tanks
Fire Hydrants
Fire Hose reels
Fire Extinguishers
Fire blankets
Lay flat fire hoses.
Fire doors
Fire penetrations
Emergency lighting

We also offer a variety of non-routine servicing and testing inclusive of:

  • 5 yearly hydrant and sprinkler servicing
  • 5 yearly Fire pump & engine servicing
  • Hydrant and sprinkler flow testing
  • Hydrostatic pipe testing
  • Room integrity testing